Notice of Proposals to Amend the Local Rules

Local Rules
Table of Contents



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LR3.1. Designation Sheet
LR3.2. Notification as to Affiliates
LR3.3. Payment of Fees in Advance, In Forma Pauperis Matters, Sanctions
LR3.4. Notice of Claims Involving Patents or Trademarks
LR4. Waiver of Service
LR5.1. Place of Filing, Division
LR5.2. Form of Documents Filed
LR5.3. Motions: Notice of
LR5.4. Motions: Filing Notice & Motion
LR5.5. Proof of Service
LR5.6. Filing Documents by Non-parties
LR5.7. Filing Cases Under Seal
LR5.8. Filing Materials Under Seal
LR5.9. Service by Electronic Means
LR7.1. Briefs: Page Limit
LR8.1. Social Security Cases: Notice of Social Security Number
LR9.1. Three Judge Cases
LR10.1 Responsive Pleadings
LR16.1. Pretrial Procedures
Standing Order Establishing Pretrial Procedure
LR16.2. Pretrial Conferences and Status Hearings.
LR16.3. Voluntary Mediation Program
LR17.1. Actions By or On Behalf of Infants or Incompetents
LR24.1. Notice of Claims of Unconstitutionality
LR26.1. Scheduling Conference
LR26.2. Restricted Documents
LR26.3. Discovery Materials Offered in Evidence as Exhibit
LR26.4. Testimony for Use in Foreign Tribunals
LR27.1. Depositions: Fees for Attorneys Appointed to Represent Absent Party
LR33.1. Interrogatories, Form of Answer, Objections
LR37.1. Contempts
LR37.2. Motion for Discovery and Production
LR40.1. Assignment of Cases: General
LR40.2. Assignment Procedures
LR40.3. Direct Assignment of Cases
LR40.3.1 Assignments Involving Bankruptcy
LR40.4. Related Cases, Reassignment of Cases as Related
LR40.5. Remands, Procedures for Following Appeals
LR41.1. Dismissal for Want of Prosecution or By Default
LR45.1. Attaching a Note to the Subpoena Permitted
LR47.1. Juries
LR53.1. Masters
LR54.1. Taxation of Costs
LR54.2. Jury Costs for Unused Panels
LR54.3. Attorney's Fees and Related Non-taxable Expenses
Appendix to Local Rule 54.3
LR54.4. Judgment of Foreclosure
LR54.5. Stipulation Regarding Payment of Fees and Costs Not Prepaid
LR56.1. Motions for Summary Judgment
LR56.2. Notice to Pro Se Litigants Opposing Summary Judgement
LR58.1. Satisfaction of Judgment
LR62.1. Supersedeas Bond
LR65.1. Sureties on Bonds
LR65.2. Approval of Bonds by the Clerk
LR65.3. Security for Costs
LR65.1.1 Notice of Motion to Enforce Liability of Supersedeas Bond
LR66.1. Receivers, Administration of Estates
LR67.1. Investment of Funds Deposited with Clerk
LR69.1. Notice of Sale
LR72.1. Designated Magistrate Judges: Referrals
LR73.1. Magistrate Judges: Reassignment on Consent
LR77.1. Places of Holding Court
LR77.2. Emergencies, Emergency Judges
LR77.3. Clerk to Sign Certain Orders
LR78.1. Motions: Filing in Advance of Hearing
LR78.2. Motions: Denial for Failure to Prosecute
LR78.3. Motions: Briefing Schedules, Oral Arguments, Failure to File Brief
LR78.4. Motions: Copies of Evidentiary Matter to be Served
LR78.5. Motions: Request for Decision, Request for Status Report
LR79.1. Records of the Court
LR79.2. Redemption from Judicial Sales
LR81.1. Complaints Under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. §1983, by Persons in Custody
LR81.2. Removals, Remands of Removals
LR81.3. Habeas Corpus Proceedings by Persons in Custody
LR81.4. Habeas Corpus Proceedings in Deportation Cases
LR83.1. Court Facilities: Limitations on Use
LR83.2. Oath of Master, Commissioner, etc.
LR83.3. Publication of Advertisements
LR83.4. Transfers of Cases Under 28 U.S.C. §§1404, 1406, 1412
LR83.5. Confidentiality of Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceedings
LR83.10. General Bar
LR83.11. Trial Bar
LR83.12. Appearance of Attorneys Generally
LR83.13. Representation by Supervised Senior Law Students
LR83.14. Appearance by Attorneys Not Members of the Bar
LR83.15. Local Counsel: Designation for Service
LR83.16. Appearance Forms
LR83.17. Withdrawal, Addition, and Substitution of Counsel
LR83.18. Transfer to Inactive Status
LR83.25. Disciplinary Proceedings Generally
LR83.26. Discipline of Attorneys Disciplined by Other Courts
LR83.27. Discipline of Convicted Attorneys
LR83.28. Discipline of Attorneys for Misconduct
LR83.29. Appointment of Counsel
LR83.30. Reinstatement
LR83.31. Duties of the Clerk
LR83.35. Pro Bono Program
LR83.36. Appointment Procedures
LR83.37. Duties & Responsibilities of Appointed Counsel
LR83.38. Relief from Appointment
LR83.39. Discharge of Appointed Counsel on Request of Party
LR83.40. Expenses
LR83.41. Attorney's Fees
Forms and Guidelines
Form LR16.1.1. Final Pretrial Order Form
LR16.1.2. Form of Pretrial Memorandum for Use in Personal Injury Cases
LR16.1.3. Form of Pretrial Memorandum for Use in Employment Discrimination Cases
Form LR83.28. Declaration of Admissions to Practice Required by LR83.28(d)
Guidelines for Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
Appendix A - Forms
Appendix B - Lanham Act Mediation Program
Appendix C - Regulations pertaining to Trial Bar Admissions
Appendix D - Plan for the Administration of the District Court Fund
Appendix E - The District Court Fund Regulations Governing The Prepayment And Reimbursement Of Expenses In Pro Bono Cases

Rules of Professional Conduct

LR83.50.1. Rules of Professional Conduct
LR83.50.2. Terminology
LR83.51.1. Competence
LR83.51.2. Scope of Representation
LR83.51.3. Diligence
LR83.51.4. Communication
LR83.51.5. Fees
LR83.51.6. Confidentiality of Information
LR83.51.7. Conflict of Interest: General Rule
LR83.51.8. Conflict of Interest: Prohibited Transactions
LR83.51.9. Conflict of Interest: Former Client
LR83.51.10 Imputed Disqualification: General Rule
LR83.51.11 Successive Government and Private Employment
LR83.51.12. Former Judge or Arbitrator
LR83.51.13. Organization as Client
LR83.51.14. Client Under a Disability
LR83.51.15. Safekeeping Property
LR83.51.16. Declining or Termination Representation
LR83.52.1. Advisor
LR83.52.2. Evaluation for Use by Third Persons
LR83.53.1. Meritorious Claims and Contentions
LR85.53.2. Expediting Litigation
LR85.53.3. Conduct Before a Tribunal
LR83.53.4. Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel
LR83.53.5. Impartiality and Decorum of the Tribunal
LR83.53.6. Trial Publicity
LR83.53.7. Lawyer as Witness
LR83.53.8. Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor
LR83.54.1. Truthfulness in Statements to Others
LR83.54.2. Communications with Persons Represented by Counsel
LR83.54.3. Dealing with Unrepresented Person
LR83.54.4. Respect for Rights of Third Persons
LR83.55.1. Responsibilities of a Partner or Supervisory Lawyer
LR83.55.2. Responsibilities of a Subordinate Lawyer
LR83.55.3. Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants
LR83.55.4. Professional Independence of a Lawyer
LR83.55.5. Unauthorized Practice of Law
LR83.55.6. Restrictions on Right to Practice
LR83.56.1. Accepting Appointments
LR83.56.2. Membership in Legal Services Organization
LR83.56.3. Law Reform Activities Affecting Client Interests
LR83.57.1. Communications Concerning Lawyer's Services
LR83.58.1. Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters
LR83.58.2. Judicial and Legal Officers
LR83.58.3. Reporting Professional Misconduct
LR83.58.4. Misconduct
LR83.58.5. Jurisdiction

Local Admiralty Rules

LRSupA.1. Local Admiralty Rules, Application of Local Civil Rules
LRSupB.1. Attachments & Garnishments: Special Provisions
LRSupC.1. Actions in Rem: Special Provisions
LRSupE.1. Actions in Rem and Quasi in Rem: General Provisions
LRSupE.2. Appraisal
LRSupE.3. Safekeeping of Vessels, Movement Within Port
LRSupE.4. Judicial Sale

Local Criminal Rules

LCrR1.1. Adoption of Rules
LCrR1.2. Applicability of Local Civil Rules
LCrR5.1. Duty Magistrate Judge: Eastern Division
LCrR6.1. Chief Judge to Supervise Grand Jury
LCrR6.2. Records of the Grand Juries in the Possession of the Clerk
LCrR10.1. Arraignments
LCrR11.1. Pleas by Corporate Defendants
LCrR12.1. Pretrial Motions
LCrR16.1. Pretrial Discovery and Inspection
LCrR31.1. Contact With Jurors
LCrR32.1. Presentence Investigations
LCrR32.1.1. Petitions & Reports Relating to Modification of Terms of Probation or Supervised Release
LCrR32.3. Confidentiality of Records Relating to Presentence Investigation Reports and Probation Supervision
LCrR46.1. Bail Bonds
LCrR46.2. Pretrial Services Agency
LCrR46.3. Notifying Pretrial Services Agency of Arrest and Filing of Case
LCrR46.4. Confidentiality of Pretrial Services Information and Reports
LCrR47.1. Motions
LCrR50.1 Related Cases: Reassignment of Cases as Related
LCrR50.2. Direct Assignments: Criminal
LCrR50.3 Magistrate Judges: Assignments and Referrals
LCrR50.4. Magistrate Judges: Reviews and Appeals
LCrR57.1. Attorneys: Filing Appearances
LCrR57.2. Release of Information by Courthouse Personnel
LCrR58.1. Petty Offenses Central Violations Bureau
Form LCrR46.5.(b)(2) Non-disclosure Agreement for Research Groups
Form LCrR46.5(b)(3). Non-disclosure Agreement for Organizations Providing Contract Services
Form LCrR46.1. Form to be Completed by the Person Depositing Cash to Secure a Bond

Internal Operating Procedures

IOP1. Meetings of District Judges
IOP2. Executive Committee
IOP3. Liaison Judges and Committees
IOP4. Presiding Magistrate Judge
IOP5. Meetings of Magistrate Judges
IOP6 through IOP9 are reserved.
Case Numbers and Case Categories
IOP11. Filing & Assignment of New Cases
IOP12. Western Division Backup Judge
IOP13. Reassignments and Transfers
IOP14. Magistrate Judges: Referrals & Recusals
IOP15. Bankruptcy Matters
IOP16. Initial Calendar for New District Judge
IOP17. Initial Calendar for New Magistrate Judge
IOP18. Periodic Calendar Adjustment Program (District Judges) (Amended 9/25/01)
IOP19. Periodic Calendar Adjustment Program (Magistrate Judges)
IOP20. Consents to Proceed Before a Magistrate Judge
IOP21 through IOP24. Reserved
Emergency District Judge
IOP26. Emergency Magistrate Judge
IOP27. Absence of Assigned Judge
IOP28 through IOP29 are reserved
Restricted Documents
IOP31. Registry Account
IOP32. District Court Fund



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