United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR3.1. Designation Sheet

(a) Plaintiff’s Counsel to File Designation Sheet. At the time of filing a case, plaintiff's counsel, or if the case is filed pro se, the plaintiff shall file with the original papers a completed designation sheet (civil cover sheet). If the case is filed by a person in custody, the staff law clerk or prisoner correspondence clerk shall complete the designation sheet.

(b) List of Associated Bankruptcy Matters. Pursuant to LR40.3.1, the person filing the petition for withdrawal of reference, report and recommendation, appeal, motion for leave to appeal, or application for a writ shall complete the designation sheet required by LR3.1 and shall include on the sheet a list of any associated bankruptcy cases, adversary proceedings, non-core proceedings, appeals or motions for leave to appeal, or application for a writ from such proceedings previously assigned to one or more district judges.

Committee Comment. To eliminate confusion, LR3.1(b) is designed to assist the Court in identifying matters that were previously adjudicated, in order to ensure continuity of bankruptcy matters.