United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Criminal Rules

LCrR12.1. Pretrial Motions

(a) Time. All pretrial motions and supporting briefs shall be filed within the time set by the court. If the court does not set a time, pretrial motions shall be filed within 21 days from the date of arraignment.

(b) Additional Discovery. In the event that a party moves for additional discovery or inspection following the discovery conference required by LCrR 16.1(a), the motion shall be filed within 7 days of the conference or, if the court has set a later date for the filing of pretrial motions, the later date. The motion shall contain:

(1) a statement that the required conference was held;

(2) the date the conference was held;

(3) the name of opposing counsel with whom the conference was held; and

(4) the statement that agreement could not be reached concerning the discovery or inspection that is the subject of the motion.

The court will not hear a motion for additional discovery or inspection if it does not conform to the procedural requisites of this section.