United States District Court


Northern District Of Illinois


Local Rules

LR83.5 - Confidentiality of Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceedings

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 652(d), all non-binding alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") proceedings referred or approved by any judicial officer of this court in a case pending before such judicial officer, including any act or statement made by any party, attorney or other participant, shall, in all respects, be privileged and not reported, recorded, placed in evidence, made known to the trial court or jury (without consent of all parties), or construed for any purpose as an admission in the case referred or in any case or proceeding. No participant in the ADR proceedings shall be bound by anything done or said at the ADR conference unless a settlement is reached, in which event the settlement shall be reduced to writing or otherwise memorialized and shall be binding upon all parties to the settlement.