United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Criminal Rules

LCrR32.3. Confidentiality of Records Relating to Presentence Investigation Reports and Probation Supervision

Records maintained by the probation department of this Court relating to the preparation of presentence investigation reports and the supervision of persons on probation are confidential. Information contained in the records may be released only by order of court. Requests for such information shall be by written petition establishing with particularity the need for specific information contained in such records.

When a demand by way of a subpoena or other judicial process is made of a probation officer either for testimony concerning information contained in such records or for the records or copies of the records, the probation officer may petition the court for instructions. The probation officer shall neither disclose the information nor provide the records or copies of the records except on order of this Court or as provided in LCrR32.1.