United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Criminal Rules

LCrR50.4. Magistrate Judges: Reviews and Appeals

(a) Duty Magistrate Judge. Where a review is requested of an order entered by the duty magistrate judge in proceedings directly assigned pursuant to LCrR5.1, the review shall be heard by the emergency judge. The request for review shall be brought to the attention of the emergency judge by the party seeking review as soon as practicable following the entry of the order by the magistrate judge. The party seeking review shall be responsible for notifying the other parties involved in the proceeding that a review will be requested and for notifying them of the time the review is noticed before the emergency judge.

(b) CVB and Misdemeanor. Appeals from final judgments entered by a magistrate judge in violation notice and forfeiture of collateral proceedings and misdemeanor cases shall be assigned by lot to a judge of this Court. For assignment purposes, such appeals shall be considered as cases in the magistrate judge class established by the procedures adopted pursuant to LR40.2. The assignments of a judge shall be made when the appeal is filed with the clerk pursuant to Fed.R.Crim.P. 58(g)(2).