United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

Admiralty Rules

LRSupE.1. Actions in Rem and Quasi in Rem: General Provisions

(a) Security for Costs. Each plaintiff other than the United States shall file a security for cost bond or stipulation in the amount of $250 conditioned that the principal shall pay all costs awarded by this or any appellate court, except as ordered by court.

Municipal corporations within this District shall not be required to file such bond unless ordered by court pursuant to Supplemental Rule E(2)(b).

(b) Stipulations. Whenever the owner or owners of any vessel shall execute and deliver to the clerk a general bond or stipulation as provided by Supplemental Rule E(5)(b) conditioned to answer the judgment of the court in all or any actions that may be brought thereafter in such court in which the vessel is attached or arrested, notice of the process shall be given to the principal and surety or sureties in said bond by service of a copy thereof by the marshal upon each of the persons named in said bond. Failure to receive such notice shall in no wise affect the liability under such bond; all other notices shall be given and the cause proceed as if such vessel had been taken into actual custody.

All stipulations shall contain the consent of the stipulators, that if the party, for whose benefit the stipulation is filed recover, the judgment may be entered against them for an amount not exceeding the amount named in such stipulation.

(c) Notice & Approval. Stipulators may justify on short notice before a magistrate judge, the clerk, or a notary public, who, if required by an adverse party, shall examine the sureties under oath as to their sufficiency, and annex their depositions to the bond or stipulation.

In all cases where the surety on bonds or stipulations is not a corporate surety holding a certificate of authority of the Secretary of the Treasury and the bond or stipulation is not approved by the parties, reasonable notice of the application for approval by the court or clerk shall be given.