United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR83.37. Duties & Responsibilities of Appointed Counsel

Upon receiving notice of the appointment, counsel shall forthwith file an appearance in accordance with LR83.13 in the action to which counsel is appointed. Promptly following the filing of an appearance, counsel shall communicate with the newly-represented party concerning the action or appeal. In addition to a full discussion of the merits of the dispute, counsel shall explore with the party any possibilities of resolving the dispute in other forums, including but not limited to administrative forums. If after consultation with counsel the party decides to prosecute or defend the action or appeal, counsel shall proceed to represent the party in the action or appeal unless or until the attorney- client relationship is terminated as provided by these rules.

Except where the appointment is terminated pursuant to LR83.38 or LR83.39, each appointed counsel shall represent the party in the action from the date counsel enters an appearance until a final judgment is entered in the action. If the matter is remanded to an administrative forum, the appointed counsel shall, unless given leave to withdraw by the judge, continue to represent the party in any proceeding, judicial or administrative, that may ensue upon an order of remand. The appointed counsel is not required by these rules to continue to represent a party on appeal should the party represented wish to appeal from a final judgment.