United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Criminal Rules

LCrR46.4. Confidentiality of Pretrial Services Information and Reports

(a) General. The information obtained in the course of performing pretrial services functions in relation to a particular accused shall be used only for the purposes of release determination and shall otherwise be confidential. Each pretrial services report shall be made available to the attorney for the accused and the attorney for the Government in connection with a pretrial release or detention hearing, a pretrial release revocation proceeding, or any judicial proceeding to modify the conditions of release. The pretrial services report should not be disclosed to other parties by the attorney for the defendant or the attorney for the Government. Any copies of the pretrial services report so disclosed shall be returned to the pretrial services officer at the conclusion of the hearing.

(b) Prohibition of disclosure. Unless authorized by the regulations as established by the Director of the Administrative Office, or ordered by the judicial officer for good cause shown, a pretrial services officer shall not disclose pretrial services information. This prohibition on unauthorized disclosure applies whether such disclosure is sought through the direct testimony of the pretrial services officer or by means of a subpoena, subpeona duces tecum, or other form of judicial process.

The term “pretrial services information” shall include any information whether recorded or not, that is obtained or developed by a pretrial services officer in the course of performing a pretrial services investigation, preparing the pretrial services report, performing any post-release of post-detention investigation, or supervising a defendant released pursuant to chapter 207 of Title 18, United States Code. The term does not include any information appearing in the public records of the court.

Any disclosure of pretrial services information permitted under the provisions of these regulations or ordered by the judicial officer shall be limited to the minimum information necessary to carry out the purpose of the disclosure.