United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR73.1. Magistrate Judges: Reassignment on Consent

(a) Procedure for Parties to Consent to Appear Before a Magistrate Judge. Consent forms filed by parties will be maintained by the plaintiff or plaintiff’s counsel until such time as all parties or their counsel have signed the form. At such time as the consent form has been signed by all of the parties, a single joint statement indicating that all parties have consented must be filed electronically with the Court, unless the assigned judge or magistrate judge allows the parties to file a single paper consent form in court.

(b) Reassignment of Case. Any judge wishing to reassign a case pending on that judge’s calendar to a magistrate judge following the consent by all parties to have the magistrate judge conduct any and all proceedings in that case will transfer the case to the calendar of the designated magistrate judge.

(c) Consent to Enter Judgment. A magistrate judge is authorized to enter a final judgment for a sum certain to which all the parties have consented in writing or a judgment of dismissal to which all of the parties have stipulated in writing, provided that the parties indicate their consent to the entry of the judgment by the magistrate judge either in writing or in open court at the time of the entry of the judgment.

(d) Limited consents. Parties may consent to the transfer of part of a proceeding to a magistrate judge to act pursuant to 28 U.S.C.§636(c). Such consents shall be filed in the same manner as the consents for a transfer of the entire proceeding. Upon notification of the filing of such consents by the parties, the district judge may transfer that portion of the case covered by the consents for reassignment to the Executive Committee in accordance with the procedures adopted pursuant to LR40.2(a). If the Committee approves the reassignment, the motion may be reassigned to the calendar of the designated magistrate judge. Where such a reassignment is made, the case shall remain on the calendar of the district judge.

Comment. The consent form referred to in section (a) may be found on the District Court website (www.ilnd.uscourts.gov) with instructions for completion.