United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR53.1. Masters

(a) Appointment. The court may grant a motion for the appointment of a master in a civil action where the parties stipulate in writing to such an appointment. The stipulation shall indicate whether the master is to report upon particular issues or upon all the issues. The procedure covering such a reference shall be the same as that governing any other reference to a master.

A judge may appoint the designated magistrate judge or, with the approval of the Executive Committee, a magistrate judge other than the designated magistrate judge to perform the duties of a special master.

Whenever an order of reference to a master is entered, the attorney procuring the order shall, at the time of filing thereof, deposit with the clerk a copy to be furnished to the master. On docketing the order, the clerk shall promptly send the copy to the master.

(b) Master May Sit Outside District. A master may sit within or outside of the district. If the master is requested to sit outside the district for the convenience of a party and there is opposition thereto by another party, the master may make an order for the holding of the hearing, or a part thereof, outside the district, upon such terms and conditions as shall be just.

(c) Motions Regarding report. A motion to confirm or to reject, in whole or in part, a report of a master shall be heard by the judge appointing such master.