United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Criminal Rules

LCrR6.2. Records of the Grand Juries in the Possession of the Clerk

1. The following documents relating to grand juries shall be public records:

(1) orders empaneling grand juries;

(2) orders returning indictments;

(3) orders extending the period of service of grand juries; and

(4) orders discharging grand juries.

The clerk is authorized to provide to an attorney who has filed an appearance in a criminal case pending in this Court a copy of any motions, orders, or documents relating to any grand jury subpoena issued in the grand jury proceeding from which the case arose against the person on whose behalf the attorney is appearing.

All other records maintained by the clerk relating to grand juries are restricted documents and shall be available only on order of the chief judge. This includes grand jury subpoenas, transcripts of testimony, the clerk=s docket of grand jury proceedings, motions and orders relating to grand jury subpoenas, true bills, and no bills.