United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Criminal Rules

Form LCrR46.5.(b)(2) Non-disclosure Agreement for Research Groups



Whereas (Name of person or organization) has been granted access to records, reports and files of the Pretrial Services Agency (Agency) of the United States District Court for the (name of district) (District Court) hereby acknowledges and agrees that any information, including records, reports, files, or oral communications, it receives from the Agency with respect to criminal defendants is strictly confidential as provided by LCrR46.5, a copy of which is attached and is not to be disclosed to any parties, other than the Agency and Federal District Court, except in the matter of a research analysis and paper which shall not identify, directly or indirectly, the identities of any of the Agency subjects.

Upon a breach of this non-disclosure agreement, the Agency may withdraw access to its files and records by (Name of person or organization), or take such lesser steps as are commensurate with the breach of confidentiality.