United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

L3.2 B Notification of Affiliates B Disclosure Statement

Definition. For purposes of this rule, Aaffiliate@ is defined to include:

A. In the case of a corporation, any entity owning more than 5% of the corporation.

B. In the case of a general partnership, joint venture, LLC, LLLP, or LLP, any member.

C. In the case of any other unincorporated association, any corporate member

If any such affiliate is itself a partnership, joint venture, LLC, LLLP, LLP or any other unincorporated association, its Aaffiliates@ (as defined above) shall also be included within the definition of Aaffiliate@

(a) WHO MUST FILE. Any nongovernmental party, other than an individual or sole proprietorship, shall file a statement identifying all its publicly held affiliates. If a non- governmental party has no publicly held affiliates, a statement shall be filed to that effect.

(b) TIME FOR FILING. A party must file the statement with the complaint or answer, or upon filing a motion, response, or petition, whichever occurs first. The statement is to be attached to the document being filed. A supplement to the statement shall be filed within a reasonable period of time of any change in the information reported.

Adopted April 20, 2007