United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR47.1. Juries

(a) General. The chief judge shall from time to time enter such orders as may be required to summon petit jurors for the court. Except as provided for in section (b), petit jurors shall be assigned to a single jury pool and reassigned for service upon the request of each judge. The jury pool shall be under the supervision of the clerk. Unless otherwise ordered a copy of the jury list showing the name, town and ZIP code of each juror summoned shall be available for viewing on the first day of the service period.

(b) Separate Panels. Where the extraordinary nature of a trial indicates that administrative efficiency will be improved and substantial judicial time will be saved through the use of a separate panel of petit jurors, the chief judge may, at the request of the trial judge, direct that such a separate jury panel be summoned.

(c) Qualification Forms are Confidential. Juror qualification forms completed by the jurors shall be confidential. Such forms shall not be made available for inspection except upon order of the chief judge or upon order of the assigned judge in connection with the preparation or presentation of a motion challenging compliance with selection procedures pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1867. Orders directing that the juror qualification forms be made available for inspection shall specify the terms of the inspection, including the forms to be inspected, the names of the persons authorized to make the inspection, and any conditions required regarding the release of information contained on the forms.