United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Criminal Rules

LCrR46.3. Notifying Pretrial Services Agency of Arrest and Filing of Case

(a) Arrest or Confinement. The Pretrial Services Agency (“Agency”) shall be notified (1) by the arresting officer, or (2) by the officer receiving the defendant if the defendant was arrested by local officers and subsequently turned over to federal officers, as soon as practicable following the arrest or transfer, of the facts of such arrest or transfer, the name of the defendant, the charge upon which the defendant has been arrested or transferred, and the place wherein the defendant is being detained.

(b) Filing of Case. Immediately following the filing of a complaint the magistrate judge shall cause a copy of it to be forwarded to the Agency. The clerk shall cause a copy of each indictment or information filed to be forwarded to the Agency immediately following the filing, provided that if the indictment is suppressed, the clerk shall cause the copy to be forwarded immediately following the release of the suppression.