United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR5.8. Filing Materials Under Seal

Any document to be filed as a restricted or sealed document as defined by LR26.2 must be accompanied by a cover sheet which shall include the following:

(A) the caption of the case, including the case number;
(B) the title "Restricted Document Pursuant to LR26.2";
(C) a statement indicating that the document is filed as restricted in accordance with an order of court and the date of that order; and
(D) the signature of the attorney of record or unrepresented party filing the document, the attorney’s or party’s name and address, including e-mail address if the attorney or party is registered as a Filing User of electronic case filing, and the title of the document.

Any document purporting to be a restricted or sealed document as defined in LR26.2 that is presented for filing without the cover page or copy of the order shall not be treated as a restricted or sealed document, but shall be processed like any other document. In such instances the clerk is authorized to open the sealed envelope and remove the materials for processing.

Committee Comments

LR5.8 is amended to ensure it is in compliance with LR26.2 – Restricted Documents

Adopted April 20, 2006