United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR54.5. Stipulation Regarding Payment of Fees and Costs Not Prepaid

(a) Stipulation. Where, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1915, 28U.S.C. 1916 or 45U.S.C.153(b), a plaintiff seeks to commence a civil action without paying fees and costs or giving security for them, the plaintiff and, if represented, counsel for the plaintiff, shall file with the complaint a stipulation that the recovery, if any, in the action shall be paid to the clerk, who shall pay from it the filing fees and other costs not previously paid and remit the balance to the plaintiff or counsel for plaintiff in accordance with section (b).

(b) Notification of Payment. Whenever money shall be paid to the clerk of this court in compliance with section (a), the clerk shall notify the judge to whom the case is assigned of the amount paid and of any fees prescribed by statute, including those established by the Judicial Conference of the United States, which were not collected because plaintiff was permitted to maintain an action without prepayment of such fees. The judge shall thereupon enter an order directing the clerk to pay from the amount such fees and costs as were not prepaid and to remit the balance to plaintiff or counsel for plaintiff.