United States District Court

Northern District Of Illinois

Local Rules

LR83.39. Discharge of Appointed Counsel on Request of Party

Any party for whom counsel has been appointed shall be permitted to request the judge to discharge that counsel from the representation and to appoint another. Such request shall be made promptly after the party becomes aware of the reasons giving rise to the request, or within such additional period as may be permitted by the judge for good cause shown.

When such a request is supported by good cause, such as personal incompatibility or a substantial disagreement on litigation strategy between the party and appointed counsel, the judge shall forthwith issue an order discharging and relieving appointed counsel from further representation of the party in the action or appeal. Following the entry of such an order of discharge, the judge may in the judge’s discretion either enter or not enter a further order directing the appointment of another counsel to represent the party. In any action where the judge discharges appointed counsel but does not issue a further order of appointment, the party shall be permitted to proceed pro se.

In any action where a second counsel is appointed and subsequently discharged upon request of a party, no additional appointment shall be made except on a strong showing of good cause. Any appointments made following the entry of an order of discharge shall be made in accordance with the procedures set forth in LR83.36.