Multi District Litigation

MDL 3030

Deere & Company Repair Services Antitrust Litigation
- Judge Iain D. Johnston

MDL 3030
Deere & Company Repair Services Antitrust Litigation
- Judge Iain D. Johnston

Judge Ian D. Johnston  U.S. District Court Judge
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Courthouse Address
327 South Church Street
Rockford, IL 61101

Courtroom Room Number:5200

Operations Specialists
Yvonne Pedroza 
Room 2200 
Tel.: (779) 772-8609

Chambers Room Number: 6200
(815) 987-4255

Court Reporter
Heather Perkins-Reiva
(779) 772-8309
Order Transcript

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Case #PlaintiffDefendantOrig. District Case #Originating DistrictDate Closed
1:22-cv-00188Forest River FarmsDeere & Co.06/15/2022
1:22-cv-03015WellsDeere & Co3:22-cv-00074Alabama Northern06/21/2022
3:22-cv-50030Plum Ridge Farms, Ltd.Deere & Co.
3:22-cv-50039BrownDeere & Co.
3:22-cv-50078Eagle Lake Farms PartnershipDeere & Co.
3:22-cv-50090Lloyd Family FarmsDeere & Co.
3:22-cv-50171DelineDeere & Co.
3:22-cv-50188Deere & Company Repair Services Antitrust Litigati
3:22-cv-50189WellsDeere & Co3:22-cv-00074Alabama Northern
3:22-cv-50190FerrellDeere & Co5:22-cv-00157Oklahoma Western
3:22-cv-50191UnderwoodDeere & Co. (d/b/a John Deere)4:22-cv-00005Tennessee Eastern
3:22-cv-50202casselburyDeere & Co.4:22-cv-04049Illinois Central
3:22-cv-50203Hapka Farms, Inc.Deere & Co.0:22-cv-00503Minnesota
3:22-cv-50204JohnsonDeere & Co.1:22-cv-00047Mississippi Northern
3:22-cv-50208Forest River FarmsDeere & Co.
3:22-cv-50223CronquistDeere & Co.
3:22-cv-50227Colvin FarmsDeere & Company1:22-cv-00126Florida Northern
3:22-cv-50228DeLoachDeere & Co.
3:22-cv-50243PerryDeere & Co.

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A telephonic status hearing is set for 7/25/2022 at 1:30pm