Multi District Litigation

MDL 2416

In re Capital One Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation
- Judge Elaine E. Bucklo

MDL 2416
In re Capital One Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation
- Judge Elaine E. Bucklo

Plaintiffs' Co-Lead Class Counsel

Jonathan Selbin
Douglas Cuthbertson
Daniel Hutchinson
Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP
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Beth Terrell
Michael Daudt
Kimberlee Gunning
Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie PLLC
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Liason Counsel

Keith Keogh
Craig Shapiro
Timothy Sostrin
Keogh Law, Ltd.
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Chicago, IL 60603
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Defendant Capital One's Counsel
Aaron Van Oort
Eileen Hunter
Erin Hoffman
Faegre Baker Daniels
2200 Wells Fargo Center
90 South Seventh Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 766-7000

Multidistrict litigation is litigation pending in more than one federal district court involving common questions of fact. When such cases involve civil actions, they may be transferred by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (The Panel) to any federal court for coordinated and consolidated pretrial proceedings.
The panel is a group of seven federal judges designated by the Chief Justice of the United States. The Panel has the responsibility for determining which cases qualify for multidistrict litigation treatment, as well as which district court to transfer and consolidate these cases. The transfers are made pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1407, upon the Panel's determination that the transfers will result in the convenience of the parties and witnesses and will promote the just and efficient conduct of the cases.
Proceedings for transfer may be initiated by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation upon its own initiative or a motion filed with the Panel by a party in any action in which transfer for coordinated or consolidated pretrial proceedings may be appropriate. Before cases are designated multidistrict litigation and transferred to one federal court, the Panel convenes a hearing and notifies all parties of the place and time of the hearing. The Panel's order of transfer is based on a record of such hearing at which material evidence may be offered by any party to an action in any federal court that would be affected by the transfer.
Transfers under 28 U.S.C. §1407 become effective with the filing of the Panel's transfer order in the clerk's office of the designated transferee court. Thus, if the transfer order to which your case is subject has been filed in the Northern District of Illinois, you must make all future filings in the Northern District of Illinois.
The Court has not authorized direct filing. The case must be filed in the proper district and transferred. See Order at Docket Entry No. 89 at pages 2-3 and Case Management Order No. 1, Docket Entry No. 162 at page 3, paragraph 4.1.
Pro hac vice requirements (and the payment of associated fees) are waived for any attorney who has filed an appearance in a transferor court. Attorneys admitted to practice and in good standing in any United States District Court may be admitted pro hac vice in this litigation without the payment of the pro hac vice fee and without associating with local counsel. Whether or not they file appearances in this case, all lawyers in this litigation are expected to comply with the Court’s Local Rules and to abide by the terms of the case management orders and protective orders.
An attorney who is a member of the Illinois bar should enter the identification number issued to him or her by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC). An attorney who is not a member of the Illinois bar should leave this item blank.
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Case #PlaintiffDefendantOrig. District Case #Originating DistrictDate Closed
1:11-cv-05886MartinLeading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC02/23/2015
1:12-cv-01061PattersonCapital Management Services, L.P.02/23/2015
1:12-cv-10064Capital One Telephone Consumer Protection Act Liti15-163908/10/2017
1:12-cv-10106LibertCapital One Bank USA, N.A.3:12-cv-00526Florida Middle03/06/2017
1:12-cv-10107EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:11ap00752USBC, Middle District of Florida06/06/2014
1:12-cv-10108ScharrerCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00053USBC, Middle District of Florida04/17/2013
1:12-cv-10109EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00074USBC, Middle District of Florida05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10110EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00077USBC, Middle District of Florida06/19/2013
1:12-cv-10111EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00241USBC, Middle District of Florida11/21/2013
1:12-cv-10112MeiningerCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00301USBC, Middle District of Florida05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10113BrookCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00352USBC, Middle District of Florida11/21/2013
1:12-cv-10114EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00480USBC, Middle District of Florida06/19/2013
1:12-cv-10115EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00592USBC, Middle District of Florida06/19/2013
1:12-cv-10116HymanCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00683USBC, Middle District of Florida11/21/2013
1:12-cv-10117BrookCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00705USBC, Middle District of Florida11/21/2013
1:12-cv-10118EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00744USBC, Middle District of Florida11/21/2013
1:12-cv-10119BrookCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00745USBC, Middle District of Florida06/19/2013
1:12-cv-10120MeiningerCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00766USBC, Middle District of Florida11/21/2013
1:12-cv-10121EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00795USBC, Middle District of Florida05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10122EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00800USBC, Middle District of Florida05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10124BrookCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00847USBC, Middle District of Florida05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10125MeiningerCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00857USBC, Middle District of Florida05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10126EspositoCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00859USBC, Middle District of Florida05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10127MeiningerCapital One Bank (USA), N.A8:12-cv-00641Florida Middle06/19/2013
1:12-cv-10128McShaneCapital One Services, LLC8:12-cv-01273Florida Middle04/01/2015
1:12-cv-10130SchaufCapital One Bank (USA), NA2:12-cv-01006Iowa Northern02/15/2013
1:12-cv-10131CoyCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.4:12-cv-00123Iowa Southern04/10/2013
1:12-cv-10132JohnsonCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.0:12-cv-00584Minnesota03/06/2017
1:12-cv-10134VadellaCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.3:12-cv-00851Pennsylvania Middle01/09/2015
1:12-cv-10135AmadeckCapital One Financial Corporation2:12-cv-00244Washington Western02/23/2015
1:12-cv-10137BaltazarCapital One Bank (USA) NA8:12-cv-01844California Central08/15/2013
1:12-cv-10138BiletnikoffCapital One Bank (USA.) N.A.1:12cv01860USDC, Eastern of California11/14/2014
1:12-cv-10139MeiningerCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap257USBC, MD/FL05/03/2013
1:12-cv-10140BrookCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap00891USBC, Middle District of Florida11/21/2013
1:12-cv-10142HymanCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:12ap898USBC, MD/FL06/19/2013
1:12-cv-10144HainesCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.2:12-cv-02819Tennessee Western03/15/2013
1:13-cv-02117HartmanCapital One Services, LLC.8:13-cv-00579Florida Middle06/06/2014
1:13-cv-02401RiceCapital One Bank, NA1:13-cv-00020Georgia Middle10/20/2016
1:13-cv-03202OrtizCapital One3:13-cv-00008Texas Western05/31/2013
1:13-cv-03510DavisCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.1:13-cv-01009Georgia Northern09/25/2014
1:13-cv-03607AlvandiCapital One Bank USA NA2:13-cv-02484California Central09/03/2014
1:13-cv-04246BeesonCapital One Bank (U.S.A.), N.A.3:13-cv-00385California Southern10/04/2013
1:13-cv-05926YoungCapital One Bank2:13-cv-00570Florida Middle03/06/2017
1:13-cv-06856McGowanCapital One Bank USA, N.A.3:13-cv-02085California Southern03/10/2014
1:13-cv-06857KemmererCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.3:13-cv-02295Pennsylvania Middle10/08/2014
1:13-cv-08784NielsenCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.8:13-cv-02750Florida Middle01/12/2015
1:13-cv-08785ErskineCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.4:13-cv-14668Michigan Eastern09/25/2014
1:13-cv-09094ToumiCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.3:13-cv-04842California Northern09/03/2014
1:13-cv-09095LavenderCapital One Services LLC2:13-cv-02609Kansas11/14/2014
1:13-cv-09096MasseyCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.2:13-cv-14670Michigan Eastern09/25/2014
1:14-cv-00547FroslandCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.2:14-cv-00004Michigan Western01/07/2015
1:14-cv-00548MendozaCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.2:13-cv-00389Texas Southern09/25/2014
1:14-cv-01221RachlenCapital One Financial Corporation2:14-cv-00132Nevada04/22/2014
1:14-cv-01646LeBlancCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.1:14-cv-00426New York Southern09/25/2014
1:14-cv-02381FallesenCapital One5:14-cv-00463California Central10/24/2016
1:14-cv-02383JohnsonCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.2:14-cv-10987Michigan Eastern07/27/2017
1:14-cv-02594BergisteCapital One Bank9:13-cv-81343Florida Southern06/06/2014
1:14-cv-02595HowardCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.1:14-cv-01462New York Southern11/14/2014
1:14-cv-05924BakerCapital One Bank07/27/2017
1:14-cv-06006MuleCapital One Financial Corporation04/01/2015
1:14-cv-06593GentileCapital One Financial Corporation8:14-cv-01753Florida Middle07/27/2017
1:14-cv-06601KopchakCapital One Bank USA NA3:13-cv-03018South Carolina01/12/2015
1:14-cv-07675CollierCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.2:14-cv-07216California Central01/12/2015
1:14-cv-08314RidgesCapital One Bank NA5:14-cv-01900California Central07/27/2017
1:14-cv-08315BakerCapital One Bank, N.A.2:14-cv-02245California Eastern10/24/2016
1:14-cv-08317SylvestreCapital One Financial Corporation0:14-cv-62153Florida Southern12/16/2016
1:14-cv-08318BonnerCapital One Bank N.A.5:14-cv-05278Pennsylvania Eastern07/27/2017
1:14-cv-08319JohnsonCapital One Bank USA NA1:14-cv-03693South Carolina02/17/2016
1:14-cv-08712CraverCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.1:14-cv-02700Colorado11/30/2016
1:14-cv-08713RodriguezCapital One Bank6:14-cv-01584Florida Middle10/24/2016
1:14-cv-08797HarperCapital One Financial Corporation3:14-cv-04488California Northern07/27/2017
1:14-cv-09183PerryCapital One4:14-cv-02413Arizona04/01/2015
1:14-cv-09184Sonja FabbriCapital One Bank, N.A.3:14-cv-04314California Northern10/24/2016
1:15-cv-00357BernsteinCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.2:14-cv-09395California Central10/21/2016
1:15-cv-00371LociceroCapital One Services, LLC8:14-cv-02985Florida Middle12/02/2016
1:15-cv-00373LandinCapital One Bank0:14-cv-62456Florida Southern10/24/2016
1:15-cv-00374BonserCapital One Bank, N.A.2:14-cv-01625Washington Western10/18/2016
1:15-cv-00568FallesenCapital One, N.A.5:14-cv-02136California Central10/20/2016
1:15-cv-00569CullarsCapital One Bank, N.A.3:14-cv-02838California Southern07/27/2017
1:15-cv-01325ClayCapital One Bank2:15-cv-10043Michigan Eastern10/24/2016
1:15-cv-01540PerezCapital One Bank6:15-cv-00142Florida Middle10/24/2016
1:15-cv-01979ThompsonCapital One Financial Corporation8:15-cv-00138Florida Middle07/27/2017
1:15-cv-02146LozanoCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.9:15-cv-80196Florida Southern12/16/2016
1:15-cv-02147TorguemanCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.3:15-cv-01119New Jersey07/27/2017
1:15-cv-02975RamcharitarCapital One Bank (USA) N.A.0:14-cv-62640Florida Southern10/24/2016
1:15-cv-03662RuizCapital One, N.A.2:15-cv-02466California Central07/27/2017
1:15-cv-04625StoryCapital One Financial Corporation3:15-cv-00231Louisiana Middle07/27/2017
1:15-cv-04629RodgersCapital One Bank (U.S.A), N.A.2:15-cv-00513Pennsylvania Western12/16/2016
1:15-cv-05012WilliamsCapital One Bank USA NA16-385010/13/2016
1:15-cv-05306ThompsonCapital One Bank(USA), N.A.1:15-cv-00394North Carolina Middle10/24/2016
1:15-cv-05307KefferCapital One Bank (USA), N.A.5:15-cv-05554West Virginia Southern07/27/2017
1:15-cv-07133CatalanoCapital One Services, LLC3:15-cv-01293California Southern07/27/2017

idDate PostedDoc.#Description

On July 29, 2014, the Court issued an order conditionally certifying a settlement class, preliminarily approving a class action settlement, approving a notice plan, and setting a final approval hearing for 12/9/14 at 11:00 AM in Courtroom 1801. For further details, see the court's order and the settlement website linked below.

July 29, 2014 Court Order