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Local Rules - PDF Format  |  MS Word (Last Updated 10/30/2015)
Internal Operating Procedures - PDF Format  |  Word Perfect(Last Updated 11/24/2015)

Internal Operating Procedures
IOP01. Meetings of District Judges
IOP02. Executive Committee
IOP03. Liaison Judges and Committees
IOP04. Presiding Magistrate Judge
IOP05. Meetings of Magistrate Judges
IOP06. Designated Acting Chief Judge
IOP07. Magistrate Judge Extended Service Recall
IOP08. Assignment of Pro Bono Attorneys in Civil Cases
IOP09. Duties of the Clerk in Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings
IOP10. Case Numbers and Case Categories
IOP11. Filing & Assignment of New Cases
IOP12. Western Division Backup Judge
IOP13. Reassignments and Transfers
IOP14. Magistrate Judges: Referrals & Recusals
IOP15. Bankruptcy Matters
IOP16. Initial Calendar for New District Judge
IOP17. Initial Calendar for New Magistrate Judge
IOP18. Periodic Calendar Adjustment Program (District Judges) (Amended 9/25/01)
IOP19. Periodic Calendar Adjustment Program (Magistrate Judges)
IOP20. Consents to Proceed Before a Magistrate Judge
IOP21 through IOP24.
IOP25. Emergency District Judge
IOP26. Emergency Magistrate Judge
IOP27. Absence of Assigned Judge
IOP28 through IOP29
IOP30. Restricted Documents
IOP31. Registry Account
IOP32. District Court Fund