Multi District Litigation

MDL 2590

Navistar Maxxforce Engines Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation
- Judge Joan B. Gottschall

MDL 2590
Navistar Maxxforce Engines Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation
- Judge Joan B. Gottschall

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Gary Neale Reger
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Case #PlaintiffDefendantOrig. District Case #Originating DistrictDate Closed
1:14-cv-05151Par 4 Transport, LLCNavistar
1:14-cv-07602Antioch Building Materials, Co.Navistar, Inc.04/24/2018
1:14-cv-07680FoerstNavistar, Inc.
1:14-cv-07805Wright Transportation, Inc.Navistar, Inc.
1:14-cv-09295HamiltonNavistar Inc.
1:14-cv-10318Navistar Maxxforce Engines Marketing, Sales Practi
1:14-cv-10319Priority Towing, Inc.Navistar, Inc.9:14-cv-81202Florida Southern
1:14-cv-10320Farm Fresh Marketing, Inc.Navistar LLC1:12-cv-00558Idaho
1:14-cv-10325Western Maryland Transport, Inc.Navistar, Inc.0:14-00510USDC District of Maryland
1:14-cv-10331GeorgeNavistar, Inc.4:14-cv-00493Missouri Eastern
1:14-cv-10335KlingerNavistar, Inc.1:14-cv-01914Pennsylvania Middle01/17/2018
1:14-cv-10336GCKMAT LLCNavistar Inc3:13-cv-01591Texas Northern
1:14-cv-10337G&G Specialized Carriers LLCNavistar Inc2:14-cv-01057Wisconsin Eastern
1:15-cv-00253Love Freightways, Inc.Navistar, Inc.2:14-cv-08986California Central
1:15-cv-00254Fike Logistics, IncNavistar, Inc.5:14-cv-00201Kentucky Western
1:15-cv-00583HD Transportation Inc.Navistar, Inc.0:15-cv-00055Minnesota
1:15-cv-01256All Freight Systems, Inc.Navistar, Inc.2:15-cv-02238Kansas
1:15-cv-01568Great Plains Trucking, Inc.Navistar, Inc.5:15-cv-04850Kansas
1:15-cv-06718Floyd Blinsky Trucking, Inc.Navistar, Inc.3:15-cv-05467Washington Western
1:15-cv-06827Laconia-Best Warehousing & Distribution Corp.RSD Leasing, Inc.1:15-cv-00283New Hampshire
1:15-cv-09978Cliff Viessman, Inc.Navistar, Inc.4:15-cv-04157South Dakota
1:15-cv-09979Will Tran IncNavistar Inc3:15-cv-02685Texas Northern
1:15-cv-09981Xcelerated Transportation Group LLCNavistar Inc3:15-cv-03029Texas Northern
1:16-cv-01229King Farms TruckingNavistar1:15-cv-00126Utah
1:16-cv-04644Ferraro Foods, Inc.Navistar, Inc.2:16-cv-01502New Jersey
1:16-cv-08779Scott's Trucking LLCNavistar Inc3:16-cv-02409Texas Northern
1:16-cv-11164Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.Navistar, Inc.
1:17-cv-01413Adrian Trucking, IncNavistar, Inc1:16-cv-00205Iowa Northern
1:17-cv-01790Simons Trucking IncNavistar Inc3:16-cv-03284Texas Northern
1:17-cv-01791Pomp's Service Inc.Navistar, Inc.3:17-cv-00149Texas Northern
1:17-cv-06472Cardinal Logistics Management CorporationNavistar, Inc.
1:17-cv-09301LittleNavistar Inc3:17-cv-03021Texas Northern04/24/2018
1:18-cv-01104Team Biondi, LLCNavistar, Inc.3:17-cv-02294Pennsylvania Middle
1:18-cv-04344LittleNavistar Inc4:18-cv-00394Texas Eastern
1:18-cv-04724BrownNavistar, Inc.1:18-cv-00951Ohio Northern

idDate PostedDoc.#Description
101/30/20156Scheduling Order

Status hearing Date: July 27, 2016 Time: 9:30 a.m. Courtroom: 2325

Status Hearing

January 5, 2018, 9:30 AM

Courtroom 2325


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