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The court for the Northern District of Illinois has installed eight mobile video conferencing systems, five in Chicago and three in the Western Division courthouse in Rockford. In Chicago, we have the capability of conducting five simultaneous video conferencing sessions in any one of the 46 courtrooms or conference rooms. The mobile video conferencing system can be utilized for a variety of video communication applications including simple video conferencing, multi-source conferencing, and mixed output video conferencing such as the presentation of documents and computer output within a video conference. The features of the system include:
  • 32" NTSC monitor with an attached pan-tilt-zoom camera.

  • Evidence presentation cart with an attached pan-tilt-zoom camera, document camera, VCR, scan converter for PC input, Picture-in-Picture mixer, video source switch.

  • Connections for integration with the house audio system.

  • Codec Specifications: A Tannberg Vision 5000 Systems with C 3.1 NTSC software, an N T-1 Triple Mux, and an ISDN-BRI network. Standard 384 Kbs bonding rate, but with the capability of any speed call.

  • Mobile video conferencing is available for use on every floor 12 and above.