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When ordering a transcript of a proceeding before a judge or magistrate judge

1. How do I order a transcript of a proceeding before a District Court Judge?
Answer:All of the regular active district judges in this Court have a permanently assigned court reporter. You will need to contact the individual judge’s court reporter to order a transcript (click on the hyperlink to access District Court Judge Chambers information).

2. How do I order a transcript from a proceeding before a Senior Judge?
Answer: Senior judges are assigned court reporters to cover their proceedings. To order a transcript, contact the Court Reporter Coordinator and she will tell you which court reporter was assigned to the senior judge that day and the reporter’s phone number. Contact that reporter to place your order.

3. How do I order a transcript of a proceeding before a Magistrate Judge?
Answer: Contact the Court Reporter Coordinator and request a transcript. You will need to provide the name of the judge, case number, case title, day of the proceeding and when you need delivery of the transcript. The Court Reporter Coordinator will assign your order to a transcriber and the transcriber will contact you when the order is ready for pick up. Delivery times commence when the transcriber receives the order from the Court Reporter Coordinator.

4. How do I order a transcript for a criminal matter?
Answer: CJA 24 Forms (Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcript) are available on the Court’s website. Complete the form and send it to the presiding judge for signature and approval and then the form will be forwarded to the appropriate court reporter to complete the order.

5. How do I order a transcript from a District Court case that is on appeal?
Answer: You will need to complete a Seventh Circuit Transcript Information Sheet (a 5-part form located at the Court of Appeals, 27th floor) and forward it to the appropriate judge’s court reporter and make financial arrangements.

6. What are the transcript delivery options?
Answer: Transcript costs can be accessed at the Court Reporter link located in Clerk’s Office section of the Court’s website.

7. What if I want a transcript other than full printed?
Answer: Transcripts are also available in - mini (four on a page); ASCII or PDF.