United States District Judge Philip G. Reinhard will examine you concerning your qualifications to serve as jurors. You are to truthfully and completely answer each question asked of you. It is important that each juror be fair and impartial in the case called for trial. Accordingly, the purpose of the court's questioning is to bring to the attention of the court and counsel any potential bias or prejudice of a juror and to provide as much information about a juror as possible in the selection process.

The following is a list of questions which normally may be asked of the jurors either as a whole or individually. Please read these potential questions so that you may be prepared to answer and disclose any matter relevant to the inquiries. The court may ask additional questions not listed below.

1. The lawyers and parties will be introduced. Does any prospective juror know any of these persons or their family?

2. From the brief information I have given you, has any prospective juror ever heard or read of this case?

3. Is there anything about the nature of this case as I have described it to you that would make it difficult for you to be fair to both sides?

4. The trial in this case will last about ____ days. Will this fact make it impossible for any prospective juror to be fair to both sides in this case or to serve as a juror?

5. A list of potential witnesses will be read. Is any juror acquainted with the potential witnesses?

6. Any juror have any physical condition which might hinder his or her ability to serve as a juror in this case?

7. Is there any juror who for some reason believes he or she could not be a fair and impartial juror in this case?

8. Your name and age.

9. Your present address, how long resided there and all other addresses where you have resided in the last 10 years?

10. Where were you born and raised?

11. Marital status (if unmarried, do you live with anyone)?

12. Children? If so, sex, age and if living with you?

13. Educational background?

14. Any military service?

15. Your present employer, where located and your job title (if retired or unemployed, how long, and employment previous to that)?

16. How long worked at present employment and any other employment during the last 10 years?

17. Spouse's present and past employment (or employment of any other person residing with you)?

18. Children's present employment?

19. What clubs or organizations do you belong to?

20. Prior jury experience?

21. Have you or any family member been involved in a civil lawsuit of this type or any type, or made a claim or had a claim made against you which has been settled?

22. Have you ever testified as a witness in a case?

23. Do you realize your function is to decide the facts and render a verdict from the testimony of witnesses and other evidence without speculation, prejudice or sympathy?

24. Do you understand that in deciding the facts you may hear conflicting evidence and you must determine the credibility of the witnesses?

25. Will you follow all the instructions of law I give you whether you agree with them or not?

26. The plaintiff alleges he has suffered __________ injury, have you or any family member had such an injury or any other serious injury from an accident?

27. If the plaintiff proves his or her case as required by law, would you return a verdict in plaintiff's favor on liability and then assess just compensation for damages as proved and as authorized under the instructions I give to you? If the plaintiff has not proved defendant is liable for his or her damages or injuries, would you return a verdict for defendant even though plaintiff is injured or damaged?

28. Can you think of any other matter, reason, belief or question I have failed to ask that you should call to my attention which may have some bearing on your ability to serve as a fair and impartial juror?