The following procedures are designed to promote professionalism, civility and efficiency in all cases tried before this Court:

1. Be on time. The Court makes every effort to commence proceedings at the scheduled time. Please arrive early in order to set up. Trials take precedence over any other business. If you have matters in other courtrooms, arrange in advance to continue them.

2. Be prepared. The Court attempts to provide at least six hours of trial time each day. Have your witnesses and exhibits ready in order to make efficient use of the trial day.

3. Be professional. Counsel shall treat each other and all witnesses professionally and courteously.

4. Conduct all witness examinations at or near the podium unless otherwise allowed by the Court.

5. Counsel shall disclose the identity of trial witnesses no less than one day before the beginning of the trial day in which counsel expect to call the witnesses.

6. Before the trial begins, provide copies of all exhibits to opposing counsel, to the Court and for use by witnesses. In a jury trial, prepare exhibit books for each juror or alternatively, use enlarged or projected copies. All exhibits should be marked in advance and ruled upon at the final pretrial conference.

7. Counsel shall retain the originals of their own exhibits for possible appeal.

8. Counsel must stand for all objections and concisely state the basis for the objection (e.g., "hearsay," "relevancy").

9. Side-bars are disfavored. Counsel are directed to "front" all anticipated issues when the jury is not present.

10. Witnesses (other than parties and expert witnesses) are generally excluded from proceedings except to testify. Except for parties, a witness shall not discuss the case with anyone during breaks or recesses once their testimony has begun.

11. If a case has been settled, counsel shall promptly notify the courtroom deputy. Jury costs may be assessed for failure to promptly advise of a settlement.

12. Counsel shall not contact any jurors after the trial, without prior permission from the Court.

13. Enjoy yourself.





Dated: May 24, 1999