This case has been assigned to the calendar of Judge Ruben Castillo.

Counsel are to confer, prepare and file an Initial Status Report at least three working days prior to the status hearing date set by this minute order. A courtesy copy of the status report must be delivered to chambers Room 2548. If defendant's counsel has not filed an appearance, the status report should be prepared by plaintiff's counsel. The status report should not exceed three pages in length and should set forth the following information:

A. Nature of the Case

- Bases for jurisdiction, nature of the claims and counterclaims.

- Relief sought by plaintiff, including computation of claimed damages, if


- Names of any parties that have not been served.

- Major legal issues.

- Major factual issues.

- Citations to key authorities which will assist the Court in understanding and ruling on the issues.

B. Preparation of Draft Scheduling Order

- Outline of the scheduling order required by Fed. R. Civ. P. 16(b).

C. Trial Status

- Whether or not a jury has been requested.

- Probable length of the trial.

D. Consent to Proceed Before a Magistrate Judge

- Whether or not the parties will consent to proceed before a Magistrate Judge for all proceedings including trial.

E. Settlement Status

- Whether or not settlement discussions have been held and the status of those discussions, if any.

In addition, the Court directs that the principal trial attorney of record for each party appear at the time and place indicated on this minute order for an initial status conference, and to respond to any questions about the case.