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Jury Instructions

The Seventh Circuit Model Jury Instructions are to be used to the extent they apply. If Illinois law provides the applicable standards, the Illinois pattern instructions should be used for the substantive elements of the particular cause of action.

The following links provide examples of jury instructions for cases with claims not covered by the Seventh Circuit Model Jury Instructions. Counsel are advised to adapt these instructions to the circumstances of their case and to ensure that they reflect the current state of the law.

Personal Injury / Negligence & Contributory Negligence & third party claim (given in Kirkland v. Amtrak, 98 C 3699, trial held December 1999)

Labor Law / Secondary Boycott (given in Metropolitan Chicago, Inc. v. Teamsters Local 705, 99 C 2886, trial held February 2001)

Breach of Contract / Insurance Coverage / Exclusion for "Flood" (given in Industrial Enclosure Corp. v. Northern Insurance Co., 97 C 6850, trial held June 2001)

Breach of Joint Venture Agreement / Breach of Fiduciary Duty (given in Howington v. Ghourdjian, 00 C 7394, trial held November 2001)

Fraud / Fraudulent Conveyance (given in Synergy Assocs., Inc. v. Cusimano, 02 C 3320, trial held October 2004)

Antitrust (Monopolization) / Breach of Contract / Intentional Interference with Contract and Prospective Relations, with special verdict forms (given in JamSports and Entertainment, LLC v. Paradama Productions, Inc., 02 C 2298, trial held February-March 2005)

Due Process (Concealment of Exculpatory Evidence) / RICO, with special verdict forms (given in Manning v. Miller, 02 C 372, trial held December 2004 - January 2005)

Fourth Amendment / Body Cavity Search / Unwanted Medical Procedure (Thompson v. Cook County, 03 C 7172, trial held February 2006)

Federal Employers’ Liability Act / Negligence (Pierce v. Chicago Rail Link, LLC, 03 C 7524, trial held July 2006)

Defamation / Interference with Prospective Advantage (Installation Svcs., Inc. v. Electronics Research, Inc., 04 C 6906, trial held July 2006)

Breach of Contract / Holder in Due Course / Fraud (IFC Credit Corp. v. United Bus. & Indust. Federal Credit Union, 04 C 5905, trial held August 2006)

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