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The mobile Digital Evidence Presentation System (DEPS) combines video and digital display technology to support all aspects of evidence presentation. Below is an example of the type of mobile system we have available.

The major components of the mobile systems are as follows:

Document Camera
Displays documents, photos, X-rays, DNA autorads, transparencies, and 3-D objects. The document camera can display in positive or negative mode. In addition, a built in sub-camera can act as a moveable video camera with special features that include auto-focus and high powered zoom. The document camera also includes a video pointer, and an image memory bank that stores images for quick recall. A DVD player or audio deck may also be connected to the system via two auxiliary A/V inputs that support external input devices.

Touch Screen Technology
Touch screen technology is incorporated into the system to provide on-screen, multicolor annotation capabilities to highlight an image from any input source including the document camera, VCR, or computer. A variety of colors on the annotator can be used to direct attention to critical details on the screen which can be annotated by the attorneys or the witness. The mobile DEPS supports two touch screens, one at the lectern for counsel and one at the witness stand.

Wireless Touch-Panel Control
A LCD (Wireless) Touch-Panel Control allows the operation of the DEPS, input selection, output selection, VCR control and printer control from a remote location. This remote control feature gives counsel to ability to hand off the operation of the DEPS to an associate while concentrating on the witness.

Other Features
  • An override switch which allows the attorneys to control all of the display devices prior to publication to the jury.

  • An audio output jack which allows for an audio connection between a tape deck or computer to the house audio system.

  • 19" flat panel monitors located at the judge's bench, podium, counsel tables and witness stand.

  • Two 55" VGA display monitors on moveable carts.

  • Computer inputs located at the lectern and one at each counsel table.