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Local Rules - PDF Format  |  MS Word (Last Updated 10/30/2015)
Internal Operating Procedures - PDF Format  |  Word Perfect(Last Updated 11/24/2015)

Local Patent Rules
General Order 09-0022
Local Patent Rules
Local Patent Rules for Electronically Stored Information
LPR 1.1 Application and Construction
LPR 1.2 Initial Scheduling Conference
LPR 1.3 Fact Discovery
LPR 1.4 Confidentiality
LPR 1.5 Certification of Disclosures
LPR 1.6 Admissibility of Disclosures
LPR 1.7 Relationship to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
LPR 2.0 Patent Initial Disclosures
LPR 2.1 Initial Disclosures
LPR 2.2 Initial Infringement Contentions
LPR 2.3 Initial Non-Infringement, Unenforceability and Invalidity Contentions
LPR 2.4 Document Production Accompanying Initial Invalidity Contentions
LPR 2.5 Initial Response to Invalidity Contentions
LPR 2.6 Disclosure Requirement in Patent Cases Initiated by Complaint for Declaratory Judgment...
LPR 3.1 Final Infringement, Unenforceability and Invalidity Contentions
LPR 3.2 Final Non-infringement, Enforceability and Validity Contentions
LPR 3.3 Document Production Accompanying Final Invalidity Contentions
LPR 3.4. Amendment of Final Contentions
LPR 3.5 Final Date to Seek Stay Pending Reexamination
LPR 3.6 Discovery Concerning Opinions of Counsel
LPR 4.1 Exchange of Proposed Claim Terms To Be Construed Along With Proposed Constructions...
LPR 4.2 Claim Construction Briefs
LPR 4.3 Claim Construction Hearing
LPR 5.1 Disclosure of Experts and Expert Reports
LPR 5.2 Depositions of Experts
LPR 5.3 Presumption Against Supplementation of Reports
LPR 6.1 Final Day for Filing Dispositive Motions
LPR Appendix A
LPR Appendix B