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Local Rules - PDF Format  |  MS Word (Last Updated 7/13/2015)
Internal Operating Procedures - PDF Format  |  Word Perfect(Last Updated 12/23/2014)

Local Criminal Rules
LCrR1.1. Adoption of Rules
LCrR1.2. Applicability of Local Civil Rules
LCrR5.1. Duty Magistrate Judge: Eastern Division
LCrR6.1. Chief Judge to Supervise Grand Jury
LCrR6.2. Records of the Grand Juries in the Possession of the Clerk
LCrR10.1. Arraignments
LCrR11.1. Pleas by Corporate Defendants
LCrR12.1. Pretrial Motions
LCrR16.1. Pretrial Discovery and Inspection
LCrR31.1. Contact With Jurors
LCrR32.1. Presentence Investigations
LCrR32.1.1. Petitions & Reports Relating to Modification of Terms of Probation or Supervised Release ...
LCrR32.3. Confidentiality of Records Relating to Presentence Investigation Reports and Probation Supervision ...
LCrR41 Local Criminal Rule 41 Search Warrants
LCrR44.1 Interim CJA Payments
LCrR46.1. Bail Bonds
LCrR46.2. Pretrial Services Agency
LCrR46.3. Notifying Pretrial Services Agency of Arrest and Filing of Case
LCrR46.4. Confidentiality of Pretrial Services Information and Reports
LCrR47.1. Motions
LCrR50.1 Related Cases: Reassignment of Cases as Related
LCrR50.2. Direct Assignments: Criminal
LCrR50.3 Magistrate Judges: Assignments and Referrals
LCrR50.4. Magistrate Judges: Reviews and Appeals
LCrR57.1. Attorneys: Filing Appearances
LCrR57.2. Release of Information by Courthouse Personnel
LCrR58.1. Petty Offenses; Central Violations Bureau