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Local Rules - PDF Format  |  MS Word (Last Updated 10/30/2015)
Internal Operating Procedures - PDF Format  |  Word Perfect(Last Updated 11/24/2015)

Local Criminal Rules
LCrR1.1. Adoption of Rules
LCrR1.2. Applicability of Local Civil Rules
LCrR5.1. Duty Magistrate Judge: Eastern Division
LCrR6.1. Chief Judge to Supervise Grand Jury
LCrR6.2. Records of the Grand Juries in the Possession of the Clerk
LCrR10_1. Arraignments
LCrR11_1. Pleas by Corporate Defendants
LCrR12_1. Pretrial Motions
LCrR16_1. Pretrial Discovery and Inspection
LCrR31_1. Contact With Jurors
LCrR32_1. Presentence Investigations
LCrR32_1.1. Petitions & Reports Relating to Modification of Terms of Probation or Supervised Release ...
LCrR32_3. Confidentiality of Records Relating to Presentence Investigation Reports and Probation Supervision ...
LCrR41 Search Warrants
LCrR44.1 Interim CJA Payments
LCrR46_1. Bail Bonds
LCrR46_2. Pretrial Services Agency
LCrR46_3. Notifying Pretrial Services Agency of Arrest and Filing of Case
LCrR46_4. Confidentiality of Pretrial Services Information and Reports
LCrR47_1. Motions
LCrR50_1 Related Cases: Reassignment of Cases as Related
LCrR50_2. Direct Assignments: Criminal
LCrR50_3 Magistrate Judges: Assignments and Referrals
LCrR50_4. Magistrate Judges: Reviews and Appeals
LCrR57_1. Attorneys: Filing Appearances
LCrR57_2. Release of Information by Courthouse Personnel
LCrR58_1. Petty Offenses; Central Violations Bureau