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    • If you have NEVER been admitted to appear pro hac vice in the Northern District of Illinois:

      1. Access our court's website
      2. Under Quick Links, click Appearing Pro Hac Vice
      3. At the prompt, Are you registered as an e-filer in the Northern District of Illinois? click No. The Intent To File a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice form will display.
      4. Complete and e-file the form.

      Within 24 hours, you will receive your CM/ECF login and password, which you will need to e-file your motion. Click HERE(##) for instructions on e-filing your motion.

      If you HAVE been admitted to appear pro hac vice in the Northern District of Illinois OR have received an ECF login and password:

      1. Access our court's website
      2. Click On-Line Forms under Tools & Information.
      3. Complete and e-file the Motion for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice form.

      To e-FILE your Motion for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice*

      1. Log into the Court's ECF system at
      2. Click Search on the blue menu bar.
      3. Type Motion and click Search.
      4. Enter the Case Number that you are to appear Pro Hac Vice.
      5. Select the event Appear Pro Hac Vice.
      6. Attach your Motion for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice.
      7. Pay the filing fee through the screen.

      * Local counsel should not file Motions for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice. Doing so will prevent the pro hac vice attorney from receiving a login and password.
    • Secondary email addresses are not entitled to a "free look." However, if the additional email addresses were added correctly, they should receive the notice of electronic filing that is automatically generated by the Court's CM/ECF System.

      To verify that the secondary email address is correct:

      1. Log into the attorney's account in CM/ECF.
      2. Click Utilities.
      3. Click Maintain Your Account.
      4. Click E-mail information. All email addresses associated with the account will display.
      5. Verify that the email addresses are correct and logout.

      To change or correct an email address:

      1. Correct the email address.
      2. Click Return to Person Information Screen.
      3. Click Submit
    • 1. Make sure that you are logged into CM/ECF.
      2. Click Search
      3. Type Other Documents, and click Search.
      4. Enter case number 07cv99999, and click "Find This Case," then click Next.
      5. Click Next when the case caption of "1:07-cv-99999 Plaintiff v. Defendant" appears.
      6. Select Other from the event list and click Next.
      7. Click Browse and upload your attachment.
      8. To add additional documents, select the Yes radio button and follow the prompts.
      9. Click Next once all documents have been attached.
      10. Select the appropriate filer and click Next.
      11. Enter the document title and click Next.
      12. Enter the document number of your original filing which these documents support in the Docket Text box and click Next.
      13. Verify that all of the documents added are listed under Source Document Path, and click Next. The Notice of Electronic Filing displays with the document number for this filing.

    • No, there is no local rule that requires a notice of filing to be filed.