Welcome to the Northern District of Illinois Electronic Case Filing/PACER System.

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ECF/PACER is now your sole source for electronic document retrieval for the Northern District of Illinois. PACER account users can continue to use your existing PACER accounts to access the ECF/PACER system.  A user fee of $.08 per viewed page was approved by the Judicial Conference of the United States during its September, 2004 meeting. A login and password issued by the PACER Service Center is required to access this site. If you do not already have a PACER account, visit the PACER Service Center's web site at http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov or call (800) 676-6856.

  • Click here for information on registering for an e-filing account with District Court.
    • If you are a member of the Court's General Bar, click here.
    • If you you have been granted leave to appear in a case pro hac vice pursuant to Local Rule 83.14, click here.
  • Check here for Judges' motion and notice requirements.
  • Many problems with e-filing can be corrected by a process called clearing the cache. Click here for simple instructions on how to clear your cache.
  • The basic requirements for e-filing in federal courts are listed at the US Courts website.
  • CM/ECF Help Desk Number is: 312-846-8727
  • U.S. Party/Case Index. Pacer Login and Password Required.


  • INSTRUCTOR-LED E-Filing Training classes:  To register for INSTRUCTOR-LED E-Filing training classes, please click HERE. If you have questions regarding the training classes, please call at (312) 435-5853
  • Because of the conversion to CM/ECF 3.1.1 on-line classes will not be available until after March 17, 2008.
    On-line CM/ECF Training : For users who have good computer skills, an on-line version of the CM/ECF training is available. Users selecting this option are required to download instructional materials which include the user guide and training videos from the Court's website. Training is self-paced and requires the completion of an assessment. Participants are provided with access to the CM/ECF training database for practice and to complete the assessment.

    The assessment consists of creating, then e-filing mock documents in the training database. Participants are permitted two attempts to successfully complete the assessment. After two unsuccessful attempts the participant is required to attend an instructor-led class at the Dirksen Federal Building at 219 S. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL before s/he will be allowed to register as an ECF user. The assessment must be successfully completed within 30 days of registration.

    To register as an on-line student please email Paula Rogers and provide your name, telephone number, firm name and email address.



  • Click HERE for a PDF version of the Attorney User Guide for CM/ECF Filing, and training videos. E-Filling accounts are provided only to those attorneys who have completed the District Court's instructor-led CM/ECF training or on-line CM/ECF training. Reviewing the videos DOES NOT constitute having completed a training program. Attorneys who are already registered as an e-filer in another district or bankruptcy court, or who have received training in e-filing from their firm may register as e-filers without completing one of the District Court training programs.

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