The Honorable John W. Darrah
United States District Court
219 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL   60604

Contact:   Kathryn E. Bianchetti
) 435-5619


  Position Information
  Type (Career or Term): Term
  Position Status: Filled
Term Dates: 10/1/2014 to 10/1/2016
  Primary Work Location: Chicago, IL  
  Application Requirements
  Cover Letter: Yes
  Resume: Yes
  Law School Transcript: Yes
  Undergraduate Transcript: No
  Letters of Recommendation: 3
  Writing Sample: Yes
  Law Review: Preferred
  Other Journal: Preferred
  Class Standing: Top Quarter
  Additional Selection Criteria: Please do not call Chambers; you will be contacted by telephone if the Judge wishes to interview you.
  Additional Information
    Applications Accepted --  
  Via Hand Delivery: No
  Via Overnight Mail No
  Via U.S. Mail: No
  Via E-mail: No
  Via Fax: No
  Via OSCAR Yes
    Acknowledgment Notices Sent --  
  Upon Receipt of Application: No
  Upon Completion of Hiring: No

Additional Remarks: There is no page length limit for the writing sample. Applicants are encouraged to send complete samples, as opposed to excerpts. Applications are only accepted via OSCAR

 This announcement was updated: January 27, 2011