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Vouchers should be submitted directly to the Fiscal Department, Suite 2064. Each voucher will be reviewed by the CJA Clerk for mathematical and technical accuracy. Once audited, the voucher will be forwarded to the presiding United States District Court Judge for approval. (Exception- Vouchers from the Western District, Rockford, should be submitted directly to chambers.)

Vouchers which exceed the case compensation (statutory) maximum will be forwarded to the United States District Court Judge first and then onto the Chief Judge of the 7th Circuit.
Hours claimed must be listed to the nearest 1/10th (6 minute increments) of the hour. Any single item expense that exceeds $50 must be supported by proper documentation (receipt, paid invoice, canceled check, etc.).
All CJA vouchers for the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois are processed by the Fiscal Department.
Checks are generated from the Administrative Office of the US Courts, in Washington D.C. Checks are mailed directly to the attorney. Checks should be received within 10 business days of processing.


Payments and Inquires:

Clerk, US District Court
Attn: CJA Clerk
219 South Dearborn
Suite 2064
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312-435-6066
Fax: 312-554-8513
E-Mail: Fiscal Department

The CJA panel is maintained by the Offices of the Federal Defender. For information regarding application to the panel please call 312-621-8300.