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Local Rules
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LR 3.1. Designation Sheet
LR 3.2. Notification as to Affiliates
LR 3.3. Payment of Fees in Advance, In Forma Pauperis Matters, Sanctions
LR 3.4. Notice of Claims Involving Patents or Trademarks
LR 4. Service in In Forma Pauperis Cases
LR 5.1. Place of Filing, Division
LR 5.2. Form of Documents Filed
LR 5.3. Motions: Notice of Motions and Objections
LR 5.4. Motions: Filing Notice & Motion
LR 5.5. Proof of Service
LR 5.6. Filing Documents by Non-parties
LR 5.7. Filing Cases Under Seal
LR 5.8. Filing Materials Under Seal
LR 5.9. Service by Electronic Means
LR 7.1. Briefs: Page Limit
LR 8.1. Social Security Cases: Notice of Social Security Number
LR 9.1. Three Judge Cases
LR10.1 Responsive Pleadings
LR16.1 . Standing Order Establishing Pretrial Procedure
LR16.1.1 Pretrial Procedures
LR16.2. Pretrial Conferences and Status Hearings.
LR16.3. Voluntary Mediation Program
LR16.4 Scheduling in Social Security Cases
LR17.1. Actions By or On Behalf of Infants or Incompetents
LR24.1. Notice of Claims of Unconstitutionality
LR26.1. Scheduling Conference
LR26.2. Sealed Documents
LR26.3. Discovery Materials Offered in Evidence as Exhibit
LR26.4. Testimony for Use in Foreign Tribunals
LR27.1. Depositions: Fees for Attorneys Appointed to Represent Absent Party
LR33.1. Interrogatories, Form of Answer, Objections
LR37.1. Contempts
LR37.2. Motion for Discovery and Production
LR40.1. Assignment of Cases: General
LR40.2. Assignment Procedures
LR40.3. Direct Assignment of Cases
LR40.3.1 Assignments Involving Bankruptcy
LR40.4. Related Cases, Reassignment of Cases as Related
LR40.5. Remands, Procedures for Following Appeals
LR41.1. Dismissal for Want of Prosecution or By Default
LR45.1. Attaching a Note to the Subpoena Permitted
LR47.1. Juries
LR48.1 Contact with Jurors
LR53.1. Masters
LR54.1. Taxation of Costs
LR54.2. Jury Costs for Unused Panels
LR54.3. Attorney's Fees and Related Non-taxable Expenses
LR54.4. Judgment of Foreclosure
LR54.5. Stipulation Regarding Payment of Fees and Costs Not Prepaid
LR56.1. Motions for Summary Judgment